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DB Primary

  1. Please reinforce the Children’s Guidelines with your child at home (see below).
  2. DB Primary does not filter the internet, so you need to have your own internet firewall and parental controls set up.
  3. If your child finds any inappropriate material on the learning platform please inform the school immediately or use the Whistle Monitor feature (details below).
  4. Anything your child puts onto DB Primary can be seen by members of staff.

If a child or parent finds any content they believe is inappropriate, they can report this to the nominated ‘Whistle Monitor’ at the school by clicking on the whistle icon. This will email the details to the nominated member or members of staff. The email will contain a link and brief description of the offending page.

Children’s Guidelines

  1. Think before you post –will your writing offend anyone or hurt their feelings?
  2. No pointless or silly group emails to be sent – these are spam.
  3. Make sure any pictures you upload (profile picture, or pictures in posts) are suitable for a school audience.
  4. Do not share personal details that will stop you being safe (address, phone numbers, passwords).
  5. Any links that are shared must be suitable for children.
  6. Check copyrights before uploading.
  7. If you are unsure, then don’t upload!
  8. Report any misuse or cyber-bullying.
  9. We do not use text or MSN style writing.
  10. Do email your teacher about questions about school and work.

Children and parents will both receive log in details.

Please contact the office if you are having difficulty logging in to DB Primary

Do take a look at http://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/parents/

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