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Curriculum Philosophy

Forest Schools

Forsest Schools plays a key role at our school. A progression of Forest School skills are taught to children in all year groups. Life skills are naturally promoted in sessions through practical ways in which children are encouraged to explore, play and learn.


Throughout the Foundation Stage, phonics is taught daily using the Letters and Sound and the Jolly Phonics programmes. In Key Stage One, phonics is taught daily using materials from Letters and Sounds. For both Key Stages, phonic apps on the iPads are used to consolidate and enhance phonic skills. Phonic sessions are taught in ability groups and appropriate interventions are put into place if expected progress is not made.


‘I really love reading, I can’t get my nose out of a book and it gets better and better.’ Year 4 pupil.

This is what we want to hear children say – ‘I love reading’ – and our approach at Chrishall is to build the firm foundations to make readers for life.
Our scheme is colour coded in line with the Phonic Phases and National Curriculum levels. Each band of books is progressively more difficult. They begin with picture books to be shared and talked about with adults and peers. Through the phonic skills, reading is carefully developed to bring children to the point where they become confident readers who can choose freely the books they read.
In classrooms, reading is shared in guided groups where books are chosen to suit the group. This gives children rich opportunities to talk, listen and build as wide a vocabulary as possible to form a solid foundation for reading, writing and spelling.

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