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Snacks, milk and allergies

Breaktime Snacks

Fruit and/or vegetables are provided every day for the children in Key Stage 1.  However, some children are still hungry and we do understand that they may need an additional ‘something’ to eat.

We therefore have an agreed list of acceptable foods for break time snacks. We have also included a list of foods that we do not allow in school. This was on request from parents and I hope that it is useful to you.

Healthy Breaktime Snacks


Dried fruit

Yogurt coated dried fruit

Fruit puree pouches

Raw vegetables


Rice cakes


Healthy cereal bar (chocolate free)

Snack bars with fruit filling e.g. Go ahead bars

Small sandwich with healthy filling

Breaktime Snacks NOT ALLOWED 

Crisps of any kind (including Pringles)

Biscuits (savoury e.g. Cheddars as well as sweet)

Chocolate Bars of any kind e.g. Kit –Kat

Sweets of any kind

Fruit winders

Nuts of any kind


Sesame seeds

Muffins, cakes, doughnuts

Frubes / Fromage Frais



Nut & Sesame Allergies

We do have some Anaphylactic Children in school.  

We have children that are highly allergic to nuts and sesame. Some children have a severe reaction from even touching nuts.

We therefore do not allow nuts or sesame seeds of any kind into school (even peanut butter sandwiches, chocolate spread sandwiches, hummus, sesame topped rolls etc).

Healthy Eating and birthday treats

As part of striving to be a healthy school you are very welcome to send in cakes for birthday celebrations (nut free) but please do not send in sweets to be given out to the children during the day

Breaktime milk is provided by Cool Milk (www.coolmilk.com, 0844 854 2913).

If you wish your child to have milk to drink at morning break, please register directly with Cool Milk (via their website).

Registrations/payment should be received by Tuesday 5pm to start the following week; those received after this time will start the next week.

Children under 5 are entitled to free milk, children over 5 in primary education can receive milk at a subsidised price, with payment being made directly to Cool Milk not via school.

If your child is already registered but no longer wishes to have milk please call Cool Milk on 0844 854 2913.

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