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Summer Term 2024

School clubs will start on the dates shown in the clubs letter and run each week.

Clubs provided by teachers are usually free of charge unless stated otherwise on the clubs letter, external organisations may charge for clubs – in this case please make payment directly to the club organiser.

Clubs run by external organisers (e.g. Over&In, Savanna Madden, Gymnastics, Fitness Club):   Please speak directly to the organiser to book a place for your child and to arrange payment.  These clubs will maintain their own register and notify us at the start of the term so that we are aware of who will be staying on the school site.

Please respect the year groups to which the club is being offered – if you sign up for a club not being offered to your child’s year group we will contact you to remove your booking to make a space available for the appropriate year group.

Clubs that are oversubscribed may operate a rotation system for allocation of places, your child may only be able to be offered a place at the club for one term

Gymnastics Club

Please contact Carla Wheedon at Dance Connexions to book a place.

Year R,1 & 2 (second half term)

Thursday 3.15 - 4.15pm

Email: info@danceconnexions.co.uk


Lunchtime Drama Club

Please contact Savanna Madden to book a place.

Year 1,2,3,4,5 & 6

Tuesday 12:15 - 12:45pm

Phone: 07861 680588

Email: info@maddentheatrearts.co.uk

Visit: www.maddentheatrearts.co.uk

Lunchtime Football

Please contact Over&In to book a place.

Year 3,4,5 & 6

Monday 12:15 - 12:45

Year R,1 & 2

Monday 12:45 - 13:15

Phone: 01223 921922

Visit: www.overandin.com/football


If a club run by school staff is cancelled:

  • We will always endeavour to make sure that any cancelled club is communicated via the school newsletter or direct e-mail to parents.
  • If in unforeseen circumstances, a club has to be cancelled by a member of the school staff (after the newsletter has been distributed and before the day of the scheduled club), an email will be sent. To ensure that the email has been received, we will require notification to confirm that the message has been received and read.
  • If a school club needs to be cancelled on the scheduled day – unless parents are already on the school premises, staff will supervise the children at school during the club’s time slots.
  • Children will be told that on such days, they MUST go to the school office if they have not been collected. They will be told that under NO circumstances are they to go to the Adventure Playground or leave with another parent.
  • Class teachers will be aware when a club has been cancelled and a reminder will be added to the staff notice board.

Safeguarding and after school clubs

If your child signs up for an after school club they must attend every week. Each club has a register and if for any reason your child is not able to attend, please inform the office or the club organiser. This courtesy saves much time investigating absent children

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