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Childcare voucher payments

Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for the care of children up to the age of 15 or 16 if they are disabled, including:

  • Home based care such as childminders, nannies and au pairs
  • Pre-school care such as nursery schools, play schools and crèches
  • Care for older children such as out of school clubs (breakfast clubs, afterschool clubs including activities, homework clubs and boarding, and holiday clubs)

In order to use them for after school clubs or breakfast clubs (i.e.clubs run out of normal school hours) run by the school, then if you let us know which scheme you are with we can send you the schools account code, once you have that, you need to let your voucher provider know that you want to pay us using vouchers.  You would then arrange payment via the voucher scheme and do not need to record that on Scopay.  Once we have received the remittance from the voucher scheme, we go in and update Scopay from our end to record the voucher transaction.

In order to use vouchers for any of the external club providers, you would need to find out whether they are registered as a childcare provider with your voucher scheme in order for the payments to be made to them direct.  This wouldn't be processed via school.

Please note you cannot use childcare vouchers to pay for school dinners or for school trips.

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