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Please review our list of representative book titles for your children to read.

Other Literacy resources are available on the internet e.g.

Phonic games


Other learning resources

The Internet is a powerful resource for schools. Many of the websites we use for lesson resources can also be useful for use at home. On this page we have listed some websites that they believe are useful, along with government and LEA education websites. Many of these websites can be viewed with your children, although you might want to have a quick look first.

Think U Know – Staying Safe Online

The Department for Education

Learning resources:

BBC Bitesize

Topic related resources e.g. http://www.knowtheromans.co.uk/

 SATS resources:

One source of past SATS papers that has recently come to our attention is www.freepastpapers.co.uk

Other sources are available on the internet.

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